LOVE THESE TWO!  So fun, so loving, so amazing - this is Alyssa and Andy's wedding.  I knew I liked them from the minute we met and I knew that I was going to have a great day as soon as I saw how many friends they had present and in their wedding party.  The girls wore the most gorgeous deep toned navy blue dresses, all in varying styles and fabrics.  Each girl was more stunning than the next!  Andy may have had just as many guys if not more surrounding him on this day.  All of them hilarious and all of them wearing the most unique thistle boutonnieres.

The Ceremony was intimate and pulled on my heart strings - I could feel myself welling up watching Alyssa and Andy look at each other with such love.  Andy went for his handkerchief a few times to wipe his tears.

It was really great working with the photographer at this wedding TJ Tindale.  He chose a spot for portraits that was truly spectacular and the shots we were able to get at this location were some of my favourites all season!

Alyssa + Andy - you guys were the best.  I hope you have a lifetime of happiness!!!