Fun-loving is how I would describe this couple, 100%.  I have never seen two people sing and dance more throughout the day than Melody and Nariman!  Whether it be dancing to a marching band passing by on Queen st. or singing Disney songs at their reception, these two surely had fun!

Starting the day off in their lovely suites at the Ritz Carlton, they leisurely got dressed and read their cards from each other.  Nariman had signed his "Norman" as apparently Melody's Grandmother had mistakenly called him that several times lol.

Ceremony and reception were both held at the York Mills Gallery in Toronto and the venue was sparkling and beautiful with strings of draping lights hanging from the ceiling above.  This Persian Baha'i marriage was lovely and inspiring with many speakers and singers.

And of course this couple danced and danced and danced - and so did their guests.  Melody's brother was the DJ so they could be sure they would hear lots of their favorite songs and bit of Euro dance for Nariman!