Josie Josie Josie.  What a girl and what a dress! She is a gem inside and out and it made me so happy to see the day she married Chris truly happen so seamlessly and beautifully.  I had met Josie for a meeting before I met Chris.  I also had the pleasure of seeing her out at a bridal event that my colleagues had organized.  It was very nice to get to know her a little bit and get a sense of her personality.  I knew right away that I would love working with her.  She had a confidence and easy going nature that was going to look great in front of my camera ;)
We got together for another meeting when Chris was available.  Chris works in Halifax and comes home when he can on weekends.  I was glad to be able to meet the other half of the pair and I could see why they work so well together.  Chris is kind and laid back and seems to be the perfect match for Josie.  Their long distance bond intrigued me and it truly reveals how much they love each other.
I had such a great time spending the day with them and their fabulous friends and family.  Josie got ready at her sister's AMAZING condo with the most perfect light.  I couldn't get enough of shooting in that bedroom!  Josie's niece was quite the flower girl and seemed to LOVE  the camera lol!  Chris spent the morning opening his Build - A - Bear that was stuffed with love by Josie.  Such a cute gift!  The photographers I had the pleasure of working with had an unconventional method of taking pictures after the ceremony and they called it "street hopping."  Basically we all boarded on the massive party bus and drove through St. Clair West and stopped on various streets and found pretty back drops for photos.  I was skeptical at first but it worked out really well and I love the shots I was able to get.  Who knew that someone's random driveway and a the outside of a warehouse were perfect photo spots!
Love this day, love this couple.  Enjoy this peek inside their wedding.