It means I love you in Danish - and Danes there were at this wedding!

You see Lars and Leanne have a rather interesting love story - one that spans across the whole world.  Each set out on a journey to visit Australia and were both told by their parents not to fall in love with any Aussies while they were away and both came back in love - but not with an Australian!  Rather, Leanne fell for a Dane and Lars fell for a Canadian girl!

But alas they had to return to their homes and continued to correspond long distance and of course Leanne went to visit Lars in Denmark.  Lars has a card with a picture of leanne on the front from when she visited and on it was a Danish flag pasted to the front with a message that read:

"Just like John Smith in Pocahontas I'm going to claim Denmark as my land and re-name it Leanneland"

These two truly were the best to work with - both with huge grins from ear to ear all day.  Lars really enjoyed the camera and began narrating his love story with Leanne for the video and hamming it up.  Leanne lit up the room with her smile and infectious positivity - even as she looked out the window at the rain - she did so with a smile knowing it was her wedding day and nothing could change that - not even the rain.

This location afforded me the opportunity to use my drone and I took full advantage of that!  Right by the water in Burlington on a day when the sky kept changing magical colours was a real treat for me!  We also discovered that there was a large compass imprinted in the ground that Lars and Leanne stood in the middle of.  With the drone looking down at them, it seemed like fitting imagery for these two globe trotting sweethearts.

Thank you so much Leanne and Lars - you were AWESOME!