I don't know where to begin with Stefan and Benita.  These two have truly become friends of mine but I knew we would get along from the moment we met.  It has been an incredible journey with these two and I was lucky enough to shoot not one but TWO of their weddings.  Yes, that's right, they had two weddings!  This first blog post shows their Toronto wedding but only a few days later we all flew to Mexico and spent a week in the sun and they married again right next to the ocean.  A most spectacular week that will surely be covered in another blog post about these two.

The wedding held in Toronto  was a perfect day beginning with a surprise gift delivered to the bride sent from Stefan.  What a mysterious gift it was - she was not allowed to open it and she didn't know why!  That is until she heard the song "Cheerleader" coming from inside the bag.  Benita reached in and pulled out her very own brand new iPhone 6 and her groom was on the other end calling.  All captured in the video of course - this moment was one of my favourites from this day.

These two share something special and it's such a pleasure to have met them and been a part of their journey.  Two of the nicest people you will ever meet and two of the most fun as well!